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Picture shows the ‘Xtreme Team Action Range

Our aim as a new brand is to provide you with stylish products designed for their uniqueness and exclusivety as well as their quality, value for money and performance features.So, whether you are a regular shopaholic, a sports enthusiast or a retailer looking for new brands and new products, we think you’ll agree that the selection offered on these pages by Legend Dynamics will bring you back time and time again once you have experienced them.Over the next months and years the products and pages on this website will multiply to offer you unrivalled choice, second to none. We’d like to think we will create a dedicated audience of satisfied customers around the world. For that reason your views and opinions will always be valued. Meanwhile, enjoy!

Legend Dynamics:
The Company behind the brand

Legend International’s administrative centre

Legend International Sports Group Ltd administrative and operational headquarters is based in Leicestershire, in the heart of England’s rural East Midlands. The centre also has an extensive trade showroom and conference facility.

Like many companies, to increase productivity and limit the cost of finished goods, our main manufacturing operations are now in Asia. However, since the basis of all of our sports performance products relies heavily on originality, good design and research, Legend International retains its design and research in England. As part of a larger associated group of six companies committed to new technology and innovation, our specialist tool engineering, rubber and plastics manufacturing operations are also located in the United Kingdom.

Quality before Quantity

Our aim is to provide consistently good quality, with products designed for their uniqueness and exclusivety as well as value.For that reason we choose our partner manufacturing operators with great care. Presently we have manufacturing facilities in China, South Korea and Vietnam.However, in keeping with our own ethical standards, we will never knowingly associate with manufacturers who exploit child labour or where safety and health standards and conditions are neglected.

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